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Classic 89' No-Ghost 2 Sew-On Patch

Classic 89' No-Ghost 2 Sew-On Patch

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We present to you our Classic 89' No-Ghost 2 Patch.

These patches have been hand digitized from reference photographs of the screen used patches to capture every detail and replicate them with 99% accuracy. Details have been replicated such as the lower stitch count, fill stitch direction, and red satin stitch outlining as seen in the screen used patches.

Screen Accurate Texture Patch Material and Vintage Threads!!

These patches are also made with vintage embroidery threads that were color matched to Sony's Official GB patch pantone color chart to be the most screen accurate patch currently available.

Note: These patches are hand stitch-on patches only. They are not iron-on patches

Each package includes:

  • 1  Classic 89' No-Ghost 2 Sew-On Patch
  • 3 yards of color matched red thread for sewing on around the red portion of the patch


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